If you are a user manager, you can assign permissions to the services available to your body from the "Settings" tab.

EACAT Configuration Tab

Once in this area, you can choose to assign permissions from the "users" section (choose a user and assign a specific service) or from the "Services" section (choose a service and assign users )

  • Assign permissions from the "Users" section :

From this section, you can search for the user. Once selected, you will see the user tab. At the bottom, in the "Assign service" section (not to be confused with the "assigned services" section), indicate the name of the service or part of the name of the service that we want to assign to the user. In this case "ERES"

Below you will find the roles available for that service and just select the appropriate roles and click Close:

  • Assign permissions from the "Services" section :

The way to do it is the same, but the other way around. We need to find the service that interests us and then look for the users to whom we want to give the permissions. Once we have clicked on the service, we will see the list of users who have it and at the bottom, in the box "Assign User" we will have to find the user we are interested in giving permissions.

Once you have selected the roles, just press the “Assign” button and a floating message will appear indicating that the operation was successful.

If you do not appear when searching for a user from the "assign user" section, it is either not registered or already has the service, and what should be done is to edit it instead of assigning him again.