The ERES registration service displays the documentation associated with entry and exit entries from the detail screen of the same (depending on the size of the screen, the document display space at the bottom of the screen can be expanded from the registry, from the icon highlighted in yellow below):

you are1.png

To view the contents of each of the files, select the document in question and press the eye icon highlighted in the image:


Now, if what we need is to download all the documents associated with an entry or exit record to the computer, ERES allows you to create a zip that contains all the files of the record from the selection of the settlement in the log processing trays and the highlighted icon below. This option appears in different processing trays available to both record users (“pending MUX” or “no main document”), and query users (“pending all” or “pending mine” ), as well as on the screen that shows the search results of the records.

you are3.png


However, from this last search screen, it is possible to select certain documents from a record (without having to be all of the attachments), and create a zip, only with the marked documents, if necessary:

you are5.png