1. Prerequisites

Use the file module of ERES 2.0. The service incorporates the registration modality. In the event that you are a user of this and want to activate the files module, you must notify us through a support request.

Be a user of the iArchiu service. If you do not yet have the iArxiu service, you will need to request registration for it to be able to use it from ERES.

Register a documentary fund in iArxiu and communicate it to the AOC Consortium to carry out the configuration.

Add Archiver permission to EACAT : The user must have Archiver permission in both iArchive and ERES. The EACAT manager will have to add the corresponding permission.

2. How to send and transfer files and documents to iArchive from the ERES (file manager user)?

The user with the file management role must complete the processing of the same to be able to send them to be transferred to iArchiu.


Once in the tray of completed files, those that must be archived definitively, must be sent to transfer and set the transfer date:


Once the request date has arrived, the files will appear in the Transfer request tray of the Archive user.

In addition, the file manager user will be able to track the transfers of their files, from the Transfer request and Transferred files trays available in the files tab (from here they will only be able to view the files associated with their areas or work units.


3. How to send files and documents to iArchiu from the ERES (archivist user)?

Once the functionality is activated, and the corresponding permissions are available, the Archivist will be able to see the iArchive tab in ERES to be able to send files and documents.


This shows the trays through which the archivist user can view all the files sent to be transferred, regardless of the associated permissions on the work units:


Transfer requests : shows the files that the ERES file management user has completed and sent for transfer. Through this the Archiver user can Send to transfer or Reject the transfer through the buttons below:


In Process : Shows files while they are being transferred to iArchive.

Transferred files : Shows files that have already been registered in iArchive with the corresponding ID and a link to view the file in iArchive.


In the event that a transfer error occurs in iArchiu, the file or files affected would return to the "Transfer requests" tray in an error state, so that the reason for the error can be analyzed and returned to send