Through the register tray of the ERES 2.0 Inputs/Outputs MUX pending AOC, the records that the AOC services automatically generate (EACAT, e-TRAM, e-FACT, PSCP, e-NOTUM).

Periodically, ERES 2.0 automatically retrieves the documentation associated with these records, if the service provides it.

There are some exceptions where the service settlement does not incorporate the registration document:

  • PSCP in which the offers are incorporated into the electronic bidding tools to be viewed within the defined terms and by authorized users.

NOTE : Settlements generated by the services below as of 11/23/22 contribute automatically;

  • In the case of the e-FACT the original invoice that is generated in the system in XML format.
  • In the case of the e-NOTUM, the administrative act that is registered with the issuance of the notification,

In cases where the registration document cannot be attached for some technical reason, ERES 2.0 has a manual download functionality through the button marked in the image below.

NOTE : In the event that by performing this action the message is: No document with entry entry XXXX has been found

the reason is that the source application cannot provide the document due to some registry consolidation error:
  • if the case is for a EACAT record the document will be processed in a short period of time.
  • if the record is from e-TRAM it is possible that the reason is that it was generated without being consolidated in the application. In this case the due diligence functionality in ERES can be used to mark the record in error.