The ERES 2.0 service is the in-person and electronic document registration solution offered by the AOC Consortium. When registering for the service, the registration and administration module of the tool is added.

There is additionally, however, the possibility of adding to the solution a module for simplified processing of files that allows files to be started both from the registers and ex officio and to carry out a simplified follow-up (without status management) allowing the addition of documentation , sign documents in the tool, notify electronically through e-NOTUM, publish announcements in e-TAULER and finally, once the file is finished, send it and its attached documentation to iArchiu (soon).

This second module is not de facto incorporated with the registration of the service . You must contact us from your side once you have been registered in the registration module, so that we can configure the necessary actions to enable the file processing tabs as well as the configurations necessary to use the integrations with other services that the module incorporates.

You have more information in relation to the functionalities of this module of the ERES in the Manual of use of the file module .